How FactoryLogix Helped Sparton Corp. Achieve Regulatory Compliance.


You’ll learn why Sparton's internal drive to be a world-class manufacturing operation drove them to implement FactoryLogix as an MES solution. How using a big data analytics approach has allowed Sparton to provide customers with the most effective and efficient approach to regulatory compliance.

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Learn How FactoryLogix MES Achieved:

  • A return on the company's software investment was realized in just four months  
  • 5% reduction in defective parts per million (DPMO)
  • Average assembly rework time has dropped 30%
  • Across six sites, Sparton now displays over 25 custom dashboards and reports with an average development time of 1 hour
  • FactoryLogix provides Sparton with deep traceability all the way down to individual reference designators
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