Manufacturing Execution System

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Save Time, Simplify your NPI Process and Eliminate Chaos
Simple, fast, guided and monitored NPI process from CAD and BOM through a complete work package.

Increase Your Efficiency and Competitiveness
Guided and monitored NPI process across large multi-user groups for ensuring launch to production is on schedule, and to keep customers informed of progress..

Save Money
User-customizable shop-floor interfaces, user-designed dashboards and reports, and user-defined process and verification modeling reduces or eliminates the need for costly customization and speeds time-to-value through quick deployments.

Support Any Form of Discrete Manufacturing Without Expensive Customization
Supports any type of discrete manufacturing, PCB, mechanical, box build, fast moving goods, as well as large assembly such as aerospace and satellite.

Industry-Specific Capabilities
Scheduling, warehouse, MSD, LED Binning, PLC control and data acquisition, equipment wear prediction and service, and aerospace assembly validation, FDA Part 11 compliance and built to conform to GMP5.

Streamline Your Processes…

FactoryLogix is an integrated suite of manufacturing software modules and devices that adapt to and improve every aspect of your manufacturing operations.



Fast, simple, controlled production preparation even for large groups of engineers working in tandem.






Optimize and assure material flow and monitoring from the warehouse to the lines and back.

Paperless process execution, WIP tracking, routing control, quality and test data collection/analysis.

User-configured reports, real time dashboards, operations dashboards, and mobile analytics.

Service oriented architecture for third party user interfaces and bridges to other software systems.

Line terminals, and handheld / fixed-mount scanners for fail-safe process interlocking and alarming.

"Aegis MES software is a great fit for our manufacturing processes at K2 Energy. This system has provided us with information we need to have an accurate history of products and has given us the ability to eliminate paper trails."

Michael Hojati 
Sr. Manufacturing Engineer | K2 Energy


Learn how to utilize FactoryLogix to transform your factory and achieve operational excellence 

FactoryLogix® by Aegis Software is a collective suite of software modules and devices that integrate with and improve every aspect of your manufacturing operations. See for yourself in our quick demo video.

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